Our Expert Home Pricing Strategy Leaves No Money on the Table

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Welcome back to our video blog, where we'll be recapping a short segment from a radio show that we took part in. During this segment we talked about our strategy for pricing homes.

30% of Market Listings Do Not Sell
  • There are three common reasons why this would be happening
  1. Pricing of the home
  2. The condition of the property
  3. The marketing of the home by the agent
Not to blame agents, but incompetent realtors can be to blame for this statistic. As realtors ourselves, we realize that homes are our clients most precious investments, and we're really dealing with very important financial as well as emotional transactions.

It's also our opinion that pricing a home is often to blame for a home not selling.

We've come up with a pricing strategy that never leaves you wondering if you've left money on the table.
  • Pricing on the high end of the market is not the way to go. It will scare buyers away to other properties.
  • You have to cater to the supply & demand of the market to hit the highest price that the market will allow for your property.
Pricing isn't about asking for the highest price, it's about paying attention to the market and asking a reasonable price.

We would be very happy to talk to you about our pricing strategy and how it will get you the best value for your home. Contact us with any questions you might have at (480) 621-6828 or email us at craig@omnires.net

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