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Sometimes consumers are led astray by internet real estate sites that don't show them all of the available properties on the market. As real estate professionals, we will tell you that the nicest, best-priced homes go the fastest no matter what condition the market might be in. 

The problem here is that we are competing with savvy buyers who know what they want and have been prepared to take action quickly by real estate professionals. The problem will be buying the perfect home fast and also at a very low price.

Contrary to popular belief, finding an expert that can act fast and educate people about the real estate market is more critical now than it ever was. Using a certified home buying advisor can save people thousands in closing fees and can also help to find dream homes.

The National Association of Expert Advisors has pinpointed at least 81 unique variables during the home buying process that can land customers a perfect home at a perfect price. In order to find a dream home, clients need to utilize the services of a Certified Home Buying Advisor. These people are not real estate agents, they are highly trained and endure rigorous performance testing to prove that they are home buying masters. In short, we will give you an unfair advantage in the real estate world.

Certified Home Buying Advisors are constantly looking out for our client's best interests, and we know what pitfalls trap most uninformed home buyers. A whopping 68% of consumers are found to be unsatisfied with their agent during the buying process. This rarely happens with advisors like myself, because we're trained to evaluate the timing and motivations for buying a home, which will result in the largest amount of homes that match our client's needs.

A smart home buying strategy prepared by a home buying advisor will position our clients to be the accepted offer at the lowest price possible. Our advisors stop our clients from purchasing out of emotion, and prepare them to buy a home as a long term investment. They give an unfair advantage, and expose the largest inventory of homes possible to ensure that the highest standards of satisfaction are always being met.

If you have any questions about how I can help you find the perfect home for the best price, please contact me at (480) 621-6828. Count on me for all your Phoenix real estate needs!

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