How to Sell Your Home for 18% More Money

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Most consumers make a mistake right off the bat when selling their home. Their mistake is that they hire a real estate agent, and not a rigorously trained expert. Real estate agents are legally allowed to sell homes after only 45 hours of classes. This is exponentially less training most other professionals like doctors or pilots, who must undergo thousands upon thousands of hours of training to become licensed in their field.

So, why should you let an agent with such little experience make the largest financial decision of your life? Well, you shouldn't. You should choose a certified home buying advisor, who has gone through lots of training and has been educated to the point where he/she can actually get you 18% more for the home that you're selling.

Research conducted by the National Association of Expert Advisors has discovered 7 unique factors to sell your home faster and also for much more money than you would expect.
  1. Expert Advice: Most agents utilize a comparative market analysis to price your home, but this is not the most advantageous way to price your property. It looks to properties that were formerly on the marker to price your current home's value. This strategy is similar to driving your car by looking in the rear view mirror. Not the best way go about things...
  2. Differentiation: To get the best value, a home must be marketed to consumers who will see the most value in it. Advertisers realize that there is a perfect buyer profile who is willing to pay the most for your home. We look to attract these buyers by looking at the current market, and not one that was analyzed in the past.
    • Your agent should be telling you how to make investments to improve your home's appeal to buyers and stimulate larger offers. Statistically, improving curb appeal and making repairs to your kitchen and bathrooms will net your more money for your home in a sale.
  3. Market Exposure: Once you've targeted a cache of top paying buyers, you need to pick an expert marketer who understands where buyers are going to be searching for homes. Our agents know how to employ a deep marketing strategy to get the most buyers to your home. If you're paying an agent to sell your home, you might as well pay one to do the best work possible.
  4. Agent Cooperation: There is more than a 50% likelihood that once your home is on the market, another agent will be the one to bring you the buyer. Because of this, your expert advisor needs to be able to communicate and contact other real estate professionals. But your agent also needs to motivate other agents to bring in those top-dollar buyers.
  5. Buyer Acquisition: Your real estate professional needs to utilize an immediate response system to bring the best buyers to you. A study has shown that when potential buyers are not communicated back to after 15 minutes, the chances of them purchasing a property drops by 105%. These buyers must be captured in an automated response system, even if it is not during office hours or over the weekend.
  6. Offer Negotiation: Buyers will almost always make demands that you're not comfortable agreeing to. This is why it is crucial to find an expert that will negotiate in your best interests and realize that time is always a factor in negotiation. Your real estate professional should have a negotiation plan, otherwise you are definitely not in good hands.
  7. Operational Execution: You need an agent who has systems in place to ensure that the 115 unique variables in selling a home have been covered and taken care of. It takes a lot of coordination and know-how to sell a home as well as agents like us. Because of this, be sure to ask your real estate professional if they have relationships with title companies, photographers, lawyers, mortgage lenders, stagers, cleaning crews, etc. He or she needs to know how all of these different parties will work together to sell your home for top dollar.
By now you probably realize that selling a home is a process, not an event. In order to get the most out of your real estate transaction, be sure to request a smart home selling strategy by an expert advisor. This could result in you selling your home for 18% more.

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