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One of the reasons we joined NextHome was because of their innovative technology.

Did you know that 90% of home buyers start their home search on the Internet? A large portion of those people use their smartphone or other mobile device; in fact, 98% of home buyers rely on mobile devices for home information.

Whether you're buying or selling, we've got you covered with the latest technology here at NextHome Valleywide. We have a free home search app that we give to our buying clients. Even when you're out and about, you will have access to the latest information on any home that's available in the MLS.

In order to get the app, simply text "craigakers" to 85377 or "staceyakers" to 85377. Once you do, the app will show up on your phone and you'll be allowed to search the MLS for free! If you're selling your home with us, we'll attach a rider that reads, "For more information and photos text NEXT to 85377." When people drive by and see your home, they can pull out their phones, enter the code, and, all of a sudden, they'll be GPS-located and will have you listing right on their phone with all the information they need.

As you can see, we here at NextHome Valleywide pride ourselves on having the very best technology available for our buyers and sellers.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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