Phoenix Homeowner Hacks--the First in a Series

If you're new to Phoenix, you're probably wondering what in the world is going on with the strange-looking lawns in town this time of year. I'm joined by an expert landscaper to clear the air in this first-in-a-series video about must-know Phoenix homeowner hacks.

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If you've driven around Arizona recently during the first couple of weeks around October, you may be wondering what on Earth is going on with our lawns. I've enlisted the help of our preferred professional landscaper, Tony Roed of T&Z Landscaping, to help shed some light on the situation.

This time of year, as Tony says, homeowners who want grass in the winter need to 'scalp' the lawn by cutting it extremely short, seeding it with rye grass, and then, finally, mulching it to keep the birds away from the seeds and keep the moisture even. It will germinate in about five to six days, and you'll water it for just a few minutes at a time, six days a week. The point is just to keep the seeded ground nice and moist. 

When that rye grass grows in, it becomes the kind of soft, beautiful grass that make Phoenix winters famous. Tony uses the same seed used on golf courses--the best that you can get, Tony says.
The rye that we're seeding is the same grass used on golf courses
The downside is that this rye grass will die out around mid-June, depending on how hot it gets. You'll want to start cutting the rye grass down lower so that the Bermuda grass can start growing and filling in. The Bermuda grass doesn't need to be seeded because it will come back every year.

Hopefully we were able to answer your questions about what's going on with our lawns this time of year! A big thanks to Tony and T&Z Landscaping for all his help.  If you'd like Tony to take care of your lawn, give him a call at 602-796-3277--he's knowledgable AND reliable!

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