How Pet Owners Should Approach Home Sale Prep

Selling your home with pets can be a bit of a challenge. It’s a lot easier if you follow these steps.

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How do you buy and sell a home at the same time? It can be difficult for sure, but it’s not impossible. You just have to plan very carefully, which is something we can help with. If you don’t structure things the right way, you could be in for a bad time.

The first bit of good news we have for you is that most people are pet owners. In fact, two out of three people are. These people will have some affinity with you if you have a pet as well. That being said, there are a few things about owning a pet and selling a home that can be a little challenging. Here are three things for you to consider when selling your home as a pet owner:

1. Make sure you make repairs to fix any pet damage. This goes for the yard, the woodwork, doors, carpets, floors, and pretty much anything that your dog can chew or scratch at. Repairing this damage is an investment that will pay off when it comes time to sell.

2. Do whatever you need to do to remove pet odors. As pet owners, it’s easy for us to become immune to those scents. Hire a professional company to come in and clean your carpet, upholstery, curtains, and anything else that could have that strong pet odor. After you get it cleaned, have a friend or family member come over and do a “smell test.”
It’s easy for us to become immune to those scents.
3. Take your pets out of the home for showings. This can be a little more difficult, and won’t be possible at all times, but it’s always the best option if you can make it happen. Your home will show better if the pet is not there. While you’re at it, remove any pet toys or accessories from your home, including food bowls, treats, and other things like that.

By following these simple guidelines, you will be able to sell your home for top dollar, whether your buyer is a pet lover or not. If you have any questions for me in the meantime, give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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