Price and Preparation Go Hand in Hand

Our home sale strategy relies on the three P’s. Let’s talk about the second P, price, today.

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We’ve already covered how to prepare your home, as well as why it’s so critical to achieving a successful sale and putting the most amount of money possible in your pocket. That’s the first “P” of our NextHome Valleywide sales strategy. Today, we’re going over the second “P,” pricing.

Pricing and preparation go hand in hand. As you can see in the graph in the video above, there is a direct correlation between the two. Homes that are priced more aggressively and in better condition sell faster. Conversely, homes that are in poor condition and are overpriced won’t sell.

Most Realtors are only concerned with getting your home “on” the market and don’t care so much about making sure it’s “in” the market. A lot of Realtors out there will make sure your home is listed, but won’t do much else for you.

When buyers are looking for homes, they narrow their options based on where the home falls in the price and preparation chart in the video above. The ideal place to be on this graph is toward the bottom-left corner, where homes sell the fastest. As you get further away, homes take longer to sell until they eventually don't.
You don’t want to end up in limbo land.
In the chart, there’s an area called “limbo land.” These are homes that are just slightly priced out of the market. This kind of thing happens when an agent advises someone to price high because they can always come down in price later. That’s the exact kind of thing that puts your home in limbo land. In limbo land, your home will sit and simply drive buyers to your neighbors’ homes that are more appropriately priced.

Instead of making this kind of mistake, we use the very best market data to ensure that your home is not just “on” the market, but that it’s squarely “in” it. If you have any questions for us or you’re ready to get your home on the market, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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